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Two Level Computerized Elevated Car Parking System With On Site Installation

Two Level Computerized Elevated Car Parking System With On Site Installation

  • High Light

    Two Level Hydraulic Parking Lift 380V


    Hydraulic Chain Car Parking Elevator System


    Heavy Duty Hydraulic Lift Parking System

  • Name
    Elevated Car Parking System
  • Capacity
    Multiple Cars
  • Weight
    Heavy Duty
  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Height
  • Safety Features
    Sensors, Emergency Stop Button
  • Control System
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE ISO9001
  • Model Number

Two Level Computerized Elevated Car Parking System With On Site Installation

Product Description:

Elevated Car Parking System is a two-level parking lift that uses hydraulic pressure to lift and lower vehicles. It is a vertical structure that is designed to provide automated parking solutions. This system is ideal for limited spaces, allowing up to two vehicles to be parked in the same area. It is a reliable solution that is designed to last, and offers a one-year warranty. Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal performance. This system is perfect for those who need more space to park their vehicles. It is a great solution for those who want to make the best use of their space and maximize their parking capacity.



  • Product Name: Elevated Car Parking System
  • Control System: Computerized
  • Capacity: Multiple Cars
  • Type: Automated Parking System
  • Certification: CE ISO9001
  • Safety Features: Sensors, Emergency Stop Button
  • Car Lift Parking System: Yes
  • Car Lift Parking System: Yes
  • Hydraulic Parking Lift: Yes

Technical Parameters:

Property Description
Structure Vertical
Material Steel
Drive mode Hydraulic Chain
Electricity 3 Phases 5 Wires, 380V, 50HZ
Height Adjustable
Control System Computerized
Weight Heavy Duty
Safety Features Sensors, Emergency Stop Button
Type 2 Level Parking Lift, Puzzle Parking System, Automated Parking System
Maintenance Regularly


ChangYue PJS Elevated Car Parking System is a revolutionary puzzle parking system that can be used in a variety of settings, from small homes to large commercial lots. It features a hydraulic parking lift that allows you to vertically raise and lower cars in order to maximize space and make parking easier. This parking system can be powered by 3 phases 5 wires, 380V, 50HZ and is made of steel construction, offering a durable and reliable solution. The height can be adjusted to fit your needs, and it requires regular maintenance to ensure it is working properly. With this puzzle parking system, you can save time and space while parking your cars in an efficient and convenient manner.



Elevated Car Parking System by ChangYue

ChangYue's Elevated Car Parking System, Model PJS, is the perfect solution for any parking space. This automated parking system features a vertical structure, making it ideal for puzzle parking system and car lift parking system. The system is powered by 3 phases 5 wires and 380V, 50HZ electricity, ensuring it is reliable and safe. The system is also equipped with sensors and an emergency stop button for additional safety. Regular maintenance is required for this system to ensure its stability.


Support and Services:

Elevated Car Parking System Support and Service

We provide comprehensive support and service for our Elevated Car Parking System. Our experienced team of service technicians and support staff are available 24/7 to address any inquiries or issues you may have.

Our service and support includes:

  • 24/7 phone and online support
  • Regular on-site preventative maintenance
  • On-site emergency repair services
  • Warranty coverage

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