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Home - News - PSH6 Puzzle Car Parking System 6 Levels Hydraulic For SUVs

PSH6 Puzzle Car Parking System 6 Levels Hydraulic For SUVs

November 29, 2021

6 levels hydraulic puzzle car parking system​


Hydraulic Puzzle Parking System from 2 Levels to 6 Levels, it can be standard cars 5000mm*1850mm*1550mm, 2000kg; also can be full SUVs 5000mm*1850mm*1550mm, 2500kg;


Electricity Power voltage requirements can be made according to local situation. OEM available. All based on real design.


Work Principle

This system is designed with 6 layers and multi-columns layout. Each layer is designed with a spare space as an exchanging space. All spaces can be auto-lifting freely except the spaces in the first layer and all the spaces can be auto-transverse moving except the spaces in the top layer. When a space needs to park or release a car, all spaces under the space will make a one space transverse moving to the empty space and forms a lifting channel under this space. In this case, the space will go up and down freely. When it reaches the ground, the car will go out and in freely.
  • OEM service, it can be built according to the customer requirements and dimensions.
  • Complete safety protection functions
  • Simple and practical structure and appearance
  • Safe and fast operation
  • Low area coverage and high usage rate of space.
  • The layers and columns will be added to raise the number of cars according to the customer's requirements.
  • It may be designed with full-closed style to adjust the surrounding environment.
  • It operates steadily without noise and with fast operating speed and short parking and releasing time.
  • Multi-channels safety protection and series of safety protection devices for anti-dropping, anti-crashing and anti-overloading


Main Structure

  • Steel structure
  • Car Pallet
  • Lifting system
  • Sliding system
  • Hydraulic system
  • PLC control system
  • Safe-guard system