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PSH 2-8 Multilayer Puzzle Automatic Car Parking System

October 28, 2022

Puzzle mechanical parking systems are groundbreaking solutions for dealing with the dilemma of limited parking space. They can expand the number of cars in a facility by two to five-fold. You may be curious as to how they accomplish this impressive feat. To explain how they work and why they may be worth acquiring, we provide a guide to puzzle parking systems in this post.


Puzzle mechanical parking systems are mechanical structures that can shuffle around multiple platforms that act as individual parking spots for vehicles. This capability makes it possible to add parking spots in the space above, or below the ground. These systems resemble children’s sliding puzzles, due to the way the puzzle parking mechanism can move platforms up, down, and side-to-side.

Puzzle car parking systems fall within the designation of semi-automated mechanical parking because people must drive their cars in and out of the spaces. Once a vehicle is secure within a space and the driver stands clear of it, the system can move around its platforms.


Puzzle mechanical parking systems present several advantages over conventional parking and basic parking lifts. They allow buildings to add parking without expanding their lots or garages. Puzzle parking systems can take on a variety of configurations to fit within existing parking garages. This adaptability means that they can work in all kinds of circumstances, including those where developing more land is not possible.

Unlike parking lifts, there is no need to have valet staff who can remove vehicles on the ground level and lower the raised platforms. Users can instead directly identify themselves and call their cars. From there, the system will move around its platforms to bring that person’s car to grade level, where they can then drive it out of its parking spot. Puzzle parking systems are highly convenient thanks to this streamlined operational setup.

Having read this guide to puzzle parking systems, you may want to consider building one. Contact Changyue parking today to discuss the implementation of a puzzle parking system in your parking facility.