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Loading Capacity 2000 - 2500kg Puzzle Car Parking System Maximum Working Pressure 16 MPa

Loading Capacity 2000 - 2500kg Puzzle Car Parking System Maximum Working Pressure 16 MPa

  • High Light

    Swipe Puzzle Car Parking System


    Puzzle Car Parking System 2000kg


    4m/min Automated Parking System

  • Certificate
    CE & ISO
  • Dive Mode
    Motor Drive+chain
  • Lifting Speed
  • Design
  • Operation Mode
    Digital Button+Swipe
  • Material
  • Type
    Parking System
  • Warranty
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
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Loading Capacity 2000 - 2500kg Puzzle Car Parking System Maximum Working Pressure 16 MPa

Product Description:

Our Puzzle Car Parking System is a specialized car storage lift that allows you to make the most of your available parking space. This puzzle parking system is designed to meet all your car storage needs, allowing you to park multiple cars in a single space. Constructed with sturdy steel material, this system offers long-lasting durability and is certified with CE and ISO certificates. Moreover, this system is heavy-duty and has a long warranty period. With our Puzzle Car Parking System, you can enjoy a clutter-free parking space and maximize your parking efficiency.



  • Product Name: Puzzle Car Parking System
  • Platform Treatment: Galvanized Wave Plate
  • Warranty: Long
  • Design: Modern
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 16 MPa
  • Car Storage Lift: Automatically lifts and stores cars
  • Car Storage Lift System: A complete system for parking cars

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Name Puzzle Car Parking System
Motor power 2.2kW
Platform Treatment Galvanized Wave Plate
Certificate CE & ISO
Operation Mode Digital Button+Swipe
Weight Heavy
Material Steel
Design Modern
Lifting speed 4-6m/min
Drive mode Motor Drive+chain


ChangYue Puzzle Car Parking System

ChangYue Puzzle Car Parking System is a modern and heavy parking system designed and manufactured in China. It is made of high-quality steel to ensure its durability and sturdiness. The motor power of the system is 2.2kW, and it has digital button and swipe operation mode. It is perfect for commercial and industrial parking lots, allowing you to park your vehicle in a short period of time. It is a great way to maximize your parking space and make the most of your parking lot.



ChangYue Puzzle Car Parking System – PJS

ChangYue Puzzle Car Parking System – PJS is an innovative car storage lift system designed to maximize storage capacity and efficiency. It features a maximum working pressure of 16 MPa, motor power of 2.2kW, heavy weight, and is made of steel material with galvanized wave plate platform treatment. This Puzzle Parking System is perfect for car storage solutions in modern parking lots, garages, and other commercial applications.

ChangYue Puzzle Car Parking System – PJS is designed to provide an efficient and reliable solution for car storage. With its heavy weight and steel material construction, this Puzzle Parking System is able to withstand wear and tear and provide a secure and safe environment for storing cars. It is also designed to be easy to install and maintain, making it a great choice for commercial and residential applications.


Support and Services:

Puzzle Car Parking System Technical Support and Service
  • Free technical support by email for all customers
  • Paid technical support services available
  • Software updates available for free
  • Hardware replacements available for a fee
  • Installation and setup assistance available
  • Online user manual and guides available
  • Phone support available for a fee