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2700kg 4 Post Hydraulic Lift Steel Structure 2 Car Stacker

2700kg 4 Post Hydraulic Lift Steel Structure 2 Car Stacker

  • High Light

    SUVs 4 post hydraulic lift


    2700kg 4 post hydraulic lift


    Steel structure 2 car stacker

  • Place Of Origin
    Shanghai, China
  • Brand Name
  • Type
    PJS 2-Level Four Post Parking Lift
  • Material
  • Dive Mode
    Hydraulic + Chain
  • Equipment Weight
  • Motor Power
  • Lifting Height
  • Operation Mode
    Button/key/remote Control
  • Power Supply
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
    to be negotiated
  • Packaging Details
    Standard export packing
  • Delivery Time
    30-60 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    100 Unit per month

2700kg 4 Post Hydraulic Lift Steel Structure 2 Car Stacker

Four Post 2-level Parking Lift 



The upper and lower parking aces of the parking equipment are one unit, the lower parking spaces can directly access vehicles, and when accessing the upper vehicles, the lower vehicles need to be removed.The front entrance and exit of the equipment do not have any column beam and suspension facilities, which is more convenient for vehicles to enter and exit. 


  • According to the driving mode can be divided into hydraulic drive type and motor drive type.
  • According to the number of layers, it can be divided into 2 layers, 3 layers and 4 layers.
  • According to the number of columns can be divided into 2 columns, 4 columns.
  • According to the location can be divided into ground type and pit type.


Operation steps


1. Insert the authorized key, turn the switch to the descending position, and lower the car plate to the ground;

2. The vehicle is entering the garage and stopping at the correct position;

3, pull the handbrake, close the antenna, close the door, the driver gets out of the garage;

4. Turn the switch to the rising position, and stop rising when the car plate rises to the height required;

5. After the car plate stops, another vehicle to be parked can be driven into the lower part of the car plate;

6. During the operation of the parking system, if someone or a car enters or exits the parking system, all the running actions will stop. After confirmation, press the "start" or "return" button, and the corresponding actions will continue. In case of emergency, press the "emergency stop" to cut off the power supply and stop all actions;

7, when taking the upper vehicle, pay attention to driving out the lower vehicle first.


2700kg 4 Post Hydraulic Lift Steel Structure 2 Car Stacker 0




1. For limited parking space, the number of parking can be doubled and a lot of space can be saved;

2, electric control, simple operation, convenient access car;

3, simple structure design, smooth operation;

4, Equipped with locking device;

5, with emergency stop button, which will stop when special circumstances occur to avoid accidents;

6, the equipment is simple, convenient to use, low price.

7, smooth operation, low working noise;

8. It is suitable for the use of supporting parking lots in commercial, governmental and residential areas;

9, device: anti falling device, limit protector, emergency stop switch, etc.


Product advantages


1. The height of the equipment is 1700 mm, the lifting weight is 2700 kg. Suitable for Sedans and SUVs.

2. The size of the equipment can be customized according to customer requirements.

3. Adopt advanced hydraulic transmission system, hydraulic pump output high pressure oil to drive the hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder to drive the wire rope, realize the car plate synchronous and steady rise or fall, to achieve the purpose of access car.

4. Short lifting time, take the car quickly, generally within 40 seconds.

5. Four wheel positioning device and secondary lifting device can be added.

6. The structure of the equipment is all laser cutting, beautiful appearance, easy installation, easy maintenance.

7. It is widely used in hotels, enterprises and public institutions and residential areas


Steel structure


A. The steel is produced by well-known domestic steel mills and supplied directly, and has strict quality assurance procedures and quality (physical and chemical) inspection certificate.

B. 8.8 high strength bolt connection, with enough pre-tightening torque, not easy to loosen.

C. Surface treatment process: the surface of the steel structure of the equipment is derusting treated to remove rust and scale cinder. The derusting grade of the surface reaches Sa2.5 and the surface roughness reaches 25-40Mu to ensure the anti-rust grade of the workpiece surface after spraying.

D. surface antirust coating: steel structure parts surface antirust coating can be used in the following process: pickling spray


Car plate: the length of the upper plate is greater than the length of the car body. The car plate is made of galvanized wave plate, which is rolled into one by the standardized assembly line. With high strength, high corrosion resistance and high interchangeability. The side beam of the car plate is formed by cold pressing of the bending plate, which has strong corrosion resistance. The assembly of the car plate is connected by bolts without welding, with beautiful appearance, high strength and long service life. The inner width of the car plate is 2080mm, which is more spacious and humanized than the traditional width of 2000mm.




A. Warning device in operation: when the device is running, it will automatically start the buzzer to warn the user or the vehicle to pay attention.

B. Emergency stop button device: there is an emergency stop button in the position of the button seat. Press the button to cut off the power supply in case of special emergency, which will stop all mechanical movement and prevent accidents.

C, anti-fall device: the car plate rises to a certain height and stops running. The anti-fall device starts to prevent the car plate from falling suddenly. 

D, warning signs and operation instructions: set up operation instructions board, notice board, notice board of available vehicle size, and identification board of reversing or forward storage in the appropriate position of the garage.

E. Upper positioning limit switch: in the process of lifting, the lifting height of the car plate is limited to prevent the lifting height of the car plate from exceeding a larger height.

F. Power off brake device: if the garage suddenly loses power, the car plate will stop running immediately to protect the vehicle.


2700kg 4 Post Hydraulic Lift Steel Structure 2 Car Stacker 1


Technical Parameters


Item Parameters
Name 4 post parking lift
Parking Lift Dimensions 4810*2666*2084mm
Out package dimensions 4200*630*630mm
Max Car Weight 2700kg
Post height 2100mm
Car plate width 2100mm
Lifting speed 1.5-1.8m/min
Distance between drive boards 969mm
Total height 3500mm
Max Lifting Height 1700mm
Lifting Time 40S
Fall Time 50S
Motor 2.2kw
Mode of operation Manual Button
Mode of control Hydraulic drive+ chain control balance
Mode of unlocking Manual
Electricity 50HZ, 220V, 1P/380V, 3P;
Noise 75dB, max
Packing size each unit 4200*630*630mm


Project case

2700kg 4 Post Hydraulic Lift Steel Structure 2 Car Stacker 2


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