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Puzzle Underground Car Parking Systems OEM 2 Level Parking Lift

Puzzle Underground Car Parking Systems OEM 2 Level Parking Lift

  • High Light

    2350kg Underground Car Parking Systems


    puzzle Underground Car Parking Systems


    OEM 2 level parking lift

  • Type
    PSH 2 Levels Mechanical Puzzle Parking System
  • Place Of Origin
    Shanghai, China
  • Brand Name
  • Material
  • Model Number
  • Dive Mode
    Motor + Wire Rope Or Motor + Chain
  • Certification
    CE ISO9001
  • Car Size (LxWxH)
  • Loading Capacity
  • Motor Power
  • Lifting Speed
  • Sliding Motor Power
  • Sliding Speed
  • Operation Mode
    Touch Screen / Push Button Or IC Card
  • Power Supply
    380V/50HZ 3 Phase 5 Wires
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    5 piece
  • Price
    to be negotiated
  • Packaging Details
    Standard export packing
  • Delivery Time
    30-60 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    100 Unit per month

Puzzle Underground Car Parking Systems OEM 2 Level Parking Lift


2 levels puzzle car parking system​ 




Puzzle parking system is the most widely used stereo parking solution in the market at present, and also one of the stereo garage types with the highest market share in China.


PSH 2 level puzzle parking system using motor drive wire rope or chain lifting way, it can build 2-layer mechanical parking garage and can be built on the ground, can also be built in the basement. It can be designed up to eight floors on the ground, the entrance is on the ground floor, with a large span design, very suitable for building in the green square, residential buildings and office basement, compared with the same type of equipment, it make full use of the underground area, it is a relatively high space utilization rate of equipment.


PSH 2 - layer puzzle parking equipment is a parking solution which realizes the access of vehicles by lifting and transverting the platform. Its scale can be large or small, can be arbitrarily combined and arranged according to different terrain and space, the space utilization rate is high, the equipment is safe and reliable, the access car is fast, the use and maintenance is simple. Therefore, it is a multi-storey stereo parking solution with small footprint and low construction cost.


PSH 2-floor puzzle parking system can build 5 mechanical stereoscopic parking spaces in the space of 3 flat parking spaces, which is a stereoscopic parking solution suitable for the transformation of old residential areas.





  • OEM service, it can be built according to the customer requirements and dimensions.
  • Complete safety protection functions
  • Simple and practical structure and appearance
  • Safe and fast operation
  • The front pillar can be removed for a convenience of going in and out.
  • PLC automated control design for easy maintenance and malfunctions removal easily
  • Low cost, easy maintenance
  • Simple demand of earthwork, Wide applicability, can be arranged and combined according to variety landform and extensity suitable for construction and reconstruction of up ground and underground garage


Puzzle Underground Car Parking Systems OEM 2 Level Parking Lift 0

Puzzle Underground Car Parking Systems OEM 2 Level Parking Lift 1



Main Structure


  • Steel structure
  • Car Pallet
  • Lifting system
  • Sliding system
  • Transmission system
  • PLC control system
  • Safe-guard system


Work Principle


PSH 2-storey puzzle parking system is suitable for the increase of parking spaces in newly built residential areas and old-fashioned residential areas. Its operation principle is like rubik's cube, it's a kind of intelligent equipment that through the lifting and sliding of the car pallet to achieve stereoscopic storage. The uppermost car plate is only used for lifting, the ground floor car plate is only used forsliding movement.


When to store a car, the user drives the car to the front of a parking system with a vacant space, selects the target parking space and enters a password or swipes a card. This target parking space, the parking space under the car pallet moves horizontally so as to form a down channel for the target parking space. The car pallet on the target parking space is lowered to the ground by the lift system and the safety door automatically rises (if available).The user drives the car by reversing into the car pallet of the puzzle parking garage. The reason for reversing into storage is based on the parking safety considerations of international practice. After parking the vehicle properly, the user leaves the car pallet to the control panel and swipes the card again. At this point, the safety door automatically lowers (if available).The parking system will automatically store the vehicle to the target parking space, and the whole parking process ends.


When taking the car, the user swipes the card or enters the password, and the parking space below the target parking space moves horizontally to form a down channel for the target parking space. The target parking space is lowered to the ground and the safety door automatically rises. The user drives the car out of the stereo garage and swipes the card again, the safety door automatically lowers, and the whole process of picking up the car ends.



Technical Parameters


Item Parameters
Drive Mode Motor + wire rope or motor + chain
Levels of system 2
Size of car
Car Weight 1700-2350kg
Operation Mode Auto IC card/ Manual button
Lifting motor power 4KW
Lifting speed 4-6M/MIN
Sliding motor power 0.2KW
Sliding speed 8M/MIN
Control Method Touch screen / Push button or IC card
Parking way Forward in, Back out
Electricity 3 phases 5 wires, 380V, 50HZ
Safety devices Over-length, over-width, over height detection; car space with car or without car detection; wrong entrance detection,
Malfunction indication Computer malfunction diagnosis, human-computer communication information display
Parts appearance
Hot spray galvanized treatment and high-grade anti-corrosion painting
Controller PLC, with control monitoring, IC card, manual and operative panel;
Way of parking in and
Forwarding in and forwarding out;
Puzzle Underground Car Parking Systems OEM 2 Level Parking Lift 2