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4 Levels PSH4 Puzzle Car Parking System 4m/min Semi Automated

4 Levels PSH4 Puzzle Car Parking System 4m/min Semi Automated

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    4 levels Puzzle Car Parking System


    PSH4 Puzzle Car Parking System


    4m/min semi automated parking system

  • Type
    PSH 4 Floor Mechanical Puzzle Parking System
  • Place Of Origin
    Shanghai, China
  • Brand Name
  • Material
  • Model Number
  • Dive Method
  • Certification
    CE ISO9001
  • Car Size (LxWxH)
  • Loading Capacity
  • Motor Power
  • Lifting Speed
  • Sliding Motor Power
  • Sliding Speed
  • Operation Mode
    IC Card
  • Power Supply
    380V/50HZ 3 Phase 5 Wires
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    5 piece
  • Price
    to be negotiated
  • Packaging Details
    Standard export packing
  • Delivery Time
    30-60 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    100 Unit per month

4 Levels PSH4 Puzzle Car Parking System 4m/min Semi Automated

Automated 4-level puzzle car parking system




Semi - Automatic parking system can be used to park two cars on top of each other; the parking spaces can be shifted vertically or horizontally. . The parking space selected is moved to the desired position by means of the PLC control system.

The ground empty space allows us the independent parking way. Car are protected against theft and vandalism. The system offers space from 3 to 25 cars parking solution.


Thanks to the Computer PLC control system technology , one vacant space on the entry level allows for horizontal and vertical shifting of all platforms.

Just sweep the ID Card or Press a button, the system automatically moves the platforms in the desired position.

An access/exit lane must be available on the entry level, complying with the local regulations.


This system can also be installed into small walled-up rooms. It mobilizes the existing space by using it the best possible way.


Technical parameters
Car size(L×W×H) sedan≤5m ×1.85m ×1.55m
SUV≤5m ×1.85m ×2.05m
Large sedan≤5.3m ×1.90m ×1.55m
Car quantity 4×N-3, N=parking number
Car weight ≤2000kg or ≤2300kg
Motor power & speed Lift 2.2KW 4m/min
Slide 0.2kw 8m/min
Operation mode IC card/ key board/ manual
Drive mode Hydraulic
Access mode Both forward & backward
Power supply 3 phase 5 wires 380V 50Hz
Product features:
1) It is simple in structure, convenient in operation, easy to maintain and repair.
2) Short construction cycle, low construction cost, strong adaptability to the site, low requirements for civil works of foundation, can be built in the open air, also can be built in the underground of the building, the scale can be large or small, according to different landform and space for any combination, arrangement, high space utilization rate, safe and reliable equipment, fast access car.
3) When it is working, there should be a parking space for exchange, that is, empty space. Therefore, the calculation of the effective parking number is not a simple superposition of the number of parking spaces on the ground and the number of floors. Usually the large garage is divided into a number of units, a unit can only be stored and taken by one person first or later, not two or more people at the same time. Therefore, if the unit is divided too large, it will reduce the efficiency of accessing the cars; Too small a division will reduce the number of parking spaces and reduce the use of land. Based on experience, a unit responsible for 5~16 cars is appropriate.
4) It has following safety devices:
Emergency stop switch, prevent overrunning device, vehicle length, width, height limit device, vehicle blocking device, vehicle error detection device, vehicle position detection device on the vehicle board, prevent vehicle board falling device and warning device, etc.




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